12 North Competitive Volleyball League Rules

1.  Serving and receiving teams are determined by volley for serve.

Teams alternate serving for the next game.


2.  Games are played to 25 points, must win by two points. Cap is 27 points.


3.  Eight people can play at a time with six on the court and two continuously

Rotating.  The maximum amount of one sex is four.

Example: 6 players: 4 females- 2 males; 3 females- 3 males; 4 males- 2 females.

5 players: 4 males- 1 female: 2 males- 3 females; 3 males – 2 females.

4 players: 3 males- 1 female; 2 females- 2 males: 3 females- 1 male.


4.  Minimum amount of players is four.  Must have at least one person of the opposite sex on the court.


5.  Teams are allowed 10 minutes after the starting time for the first game,

15 minutes after the starting time for the second game, and 20 minutes after the starting time for the third game before a forfeit occurs.


6.  Each team is allowed two 30 second time-outs per game.


7.  Fouls are called on the following:

a) touching the net

b) carries and throws

c)  more than three passes d) 2 handed spikes

e) interfering with the opposing players

f)  players changing positions before the ball is served

g) front line player returning the serve over the net- hitting the ball over their shoulders

h) attacking the serve


8.  You must referee your scheduled games.  If a team does not show to referee a scheduled game, that team gets three wins taken away from their standings.


9.  A person is allowed to be on one roster per league (recreation or competitive) per night.


10. The roster is finalized after 7 weeks of play.


11.  Players must be 21 years of age or older to play.

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